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End-of-life doula services

The end-of-life is a profoundly personal and spiritual journey, pushing us to confront our mortality and plan for the inevitable. During this emotionally charged period, we yearn for the comfort of loved ones, a guiding presence that can hold our hand, speak on our behalf when words fail, and ensure our wishes are honored. As an end-of-life doula I will provide essential non-medical support, education, and guidance, and assisting with navigating the complex factors of this transition. I am an impartial, non-judgmental, caring, and calming presence. 

How can I support you?

  • Provide information and education to demystify the dying experience and understand what to expect every step of the way

  • Non-medical companionship, personal support, and a caring presence through the dying process

  • Serve as an advocate and liaison with healthcare and hospice care teams

  • Assistance with life review, fulfilling final wishes, and healing relationships

  • Referrals to area practitioners and identifying any community resources for additional support

  • Identifying and helping create meaningful legacy to celebrate a lifetime of memories and stories.

  • Guidance creating vigil plans, including bedside vigil support

  • Organize caregiver schedule, visit times, meals, and other tasks 

  • Guided imagery, meditations, and anxiety relief techniques

  • Caregiver support and respite options

  • Family meeting facilitation, navigating dynamics, and communication  

  • Help organize personal possessions, identify essential items, and assist with clean out efforts

  • Funeral and ceremony guidance and referral 

  • Obituary and eulogy writing support

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